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About Our Currency

ERTC is a decentralized token that allows the users to perform PEER-PEER transactions based on 7 moon Network chain contract. EARTH CLASSIC tends firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that EARTH CLASSIC provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permission less and decentralized network.


Staking Program

Minimum Joining $11

Main Features

Product Description

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7Moon Coin
Earth Classic

Our Projection

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Earth Classic
7 Moon

Evolution Of Money

From the occasions we traded meat with eggs till the computerised age that,We have bounty alternatives to pay for products we need. This is the money related history of the worlds economy..


Company Roadmap

Quarter 3 of 2022

• The ERTC'S Divulging

• Launch website & reveal the token

• Ecosystem Formation and concept development with the core team

• Pre-sale Locking as per defined tokonomics

• Pre-reveal Announcement

Quarter 1 of 2024

• Application Launch and Gamification

• Meeting with Various Crypto Exchanges

• Launching a big project of blockchain based

Quarter 2 of 2023

• NFT Minting

• Holder Deceleration

• Audit by a third party

• Exchange Registration

• ERTC Public Listing

• Advertisement & marketing

• Wallet and Exchange